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About Salamanca, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Salamanca, Spain)

Salamanca is a beautiful city on the east of Spain, near Portugal. A city known for its grace and style, it is home to a lot of dramatic sandstone structures, notable Renaissance architecture, and large public squares. But what really sets Salamanca apart from the rest of Spain is its distinct vibrancy. There's a place in Salamanca for people of varied interests.

What to do in Salamanca

Many tourists flock to the River Tormes, which runs through the city, for fishing and sailing, or have a picnic on the river bank. More adventurous types can also rent equipment for water sports, depending on the season.

Shopping centres and street markets abound in the city, offering everything from handmade handicrafts to designer clothing. The street stalls are particularly famous for is metal handicrafts, which are made from Salamanca's abundant supply of silver and other precious metals.

Younger visitors will enjoy the Salamanca nightlife. Several bars and pubs can be found in the city, catering to the large student population. Many bars have a reputation for hospitality to tourists. These include the Puerto the Chus and El Helmantico.

Tourist Attractions

Salamanca is primarily known for its University, which houses some of the city's most impressive and historically important buildings. Many of the buildings have been well preserved from medieval times. Some of the most famous are the historic main library and the university chapel.

Visitors will not miss the Plaza Mayor, a large courtyard surrounded by medieval arcades reminesent of Rome's Colosseum. It is often called the living room of the city, because locals and tourists regularly flock to this spot for sightseeing or picnics, or to watch one of the concerts often held in it.

Salamanca University

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