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Accomodation in Salamanca is offered in the form of university owned residences, private student shared house/apartments and hotels for temporary visitors. Visitors to Salamanca can choose from a wide range of quality hotels, many of which are in or close to the city centre. Many are also close to the University, making them ideal for families visiting university students. Students are also given adequate accommodation while studying at the University.

Student Accommodation

Students can stay at one of six Halls of Residence (known as Colleges) and six University Refectories, which can collectively accommodate over 2,500 students. The Halls are offered to undergraduates and postgraduates, as well as transient visitors attending one of the University's seminars or conferences. The Halls of Residence are as follows:
  • Archbishop Fonseca College
  • Major Hernan Cortes College
  • Oveido College
  • Fray Luis de Leon Hall
  • San Bartolome Hall
  • Cuenca College

Hotels and Accommodation

Visitors to Salamanca can choose from several quality hotels, ranging from budget to luxury. Most are within or close to the city centre, and can be reached from the University in 20 minutes.

The Hotel Tryp is an excellent choice for those seeking the best in service and comfort. Housed in a stylish modern building, the Hotel Tryp offers rooms with Satellite TV, heating and air conditioning, marble bathrooms, and direct dial telephones. The average room price is €96.

A much cheaper choice is the Hotel Castellano I on Avenue Portugal, located right at the city centre. All rooms are heated and equipped with a telephone and television, and guests have free access to laundry service and parking. Rooms cost as low as €33 per day.

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