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Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Salamanca University
(Salamanca, Spain)

Salamanca provides convenient transport to major Spanish cities, although air travel is a bit difficult. Transport within the city is fairly easy, as Salamanca is a fairly compact city. Most people get around on foot.

Air Travel

Salamanca's airport is not open to the public and is reserved for government and military use. The nearest public airport is the Bajares Airport in Madrid, a two- to three-hour train ride from Salamanca.

Car Hire and Road Transport

Car hire is offered in Salamanca by several of the major rental companies as well as some local services and is a pratical and feasible way to get around the city and area, but parking can be restricted. Booking online is our recommendation to secure the best rates conveniently.

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Car Parking

Salamanca has several car park facilities, offering both on-strteet and off-street parking. Major car parks can be found in the city's central business district and some public places, all of which offer long-stay parking (one month or more) for tourists.

Travel by Trains and Rail

Although more expensive than bus, rail is the fastest way to and from neighbouring towns. The main station is the Paseo de la Estación de Trenes, located at the city centre. Major lines link the city to Madrid, Castilla Leon, and other Spanish cities.

Travel by Buses and Coach

Bus lines in Salamanca are slower than rail, but connect to almost all Spanish provinces. Heavy traffic and routes going over or around mountains are the major causes of delay, especially during the summer. The central bus station is on Avenida de Filiberto Villalobos Estación de Autobuses.

Travel by Taxis

Taxis are a popular choice for Salamanca tourists and visitors. They usually line up at the arrivals gates in train stations and airports.

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